#34 Solar Eclipse (#17)

I’ve deliberately held off finishing book #17 (#32 A book with a love triangle) in my 2015 Reading Challenge until today. There is method in my madness, just bear with me.

This morning, the UK and much of Northern Europe experienced a partial solar eclipse. Since for the last few weeks I have been reading “Eclipse” by Stephenie Meyer, I thought there really couldn’t be a better day to finish reading that book than today, and tie it in with the astronomical event that is the solar eclipse. See, method!

My Goodreads Review
“Following on from where ‘New Moon’ left off, ‘Eclipse’ follows the ever-increasingly apparent love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. It initially deals with Bella’s emotions regarding Edward’s return, and follows their plans to change her into a vampire upon her graduation. Meanwhile, it also follows Jacob’s acceptance of being a werewolf, and inviting Bella to listen to the legends of his tribe.
The premise of this book surrounds a newborn army of vampires that have been created in Seattle, but the Cullen’s are unable to deduce what for. Alice’s visions are clouded, and there is an air of mystery, until Bella deduces the newborns are in fact after her. In a brave move, the vampires and werewolves work together to protect Bella and the humans from the newborns, who are under the control of a more powerful force.
An overarching theme of this book is that Bella finally realises she is in love with Jacob, so the love triangle between the three of them is played out (very well I might add). Both Jacob and Edward concede to be the bigger man, allowing Bella to make her decision solely for herself.
Whilst I did enjoy this book a great deal, there was an awful lot of buildup, for not much of a conflict. Since the book is told from a first person narrative (Bella’s), we miss the main fight, concerning the vast majority of the vampires, werewolves and newborns. The arrival of the Volturi is also (almost) without casualty. However, prior to, and following, the outcome of that battle, there is a great deal of character development for Bella and Jacob, which is great.
At times I did feel that Bella was a little whiney about her situation – like having two people being in love with you, and you being in love with them both, is such a terrible, earth shattering thing. As usual, I loved Alice, and in this novel we were introduced more to Rosalie, which was brilliant, as it allowed the reader to understand why she is so against Bella becoming immortal. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and am thoroughly looking forward to reading the concluding novel.


With a great book (thankfully) came some great photos of the real thing – which are completely unedited and filter free! Have a great day, wherever you are!


#34 A book with a love triangle – Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (7/10)

Sixteen down, thirty-four to go. (Seventeen read)

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