Reading Wrap-Up: February 2015

We are now a sixth of the way through the year and the 2015 Reading Challenge! It’s scary how quickly February has come and gone – I now have only four weeks of lectures left at University. I guess I’d better make the most of it (and as a result cut down on my reading – the stuff that is not required anyway!)

February 2015 statistics
Total books read: 6
Total pages read: 1,775
Favourite book: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer


#3 A book that became a movie – Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern: The Leprechaun’s Secret (#11)
#7 A book with nonhuman characters – New Moon by Stephenie Meyer: Vampires or Werewolves? (#10)
#13 A book set in a different country – Paper Towns by John Green: A Disappearing Act (#8)
#27 A book you can finish in a day – Christmas With Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher: Christmas Magic, Love and Hope (#9)
#42 A book that you own but have never read – Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan & Robert Venditti: A Novel Triumph (#13)
#51 A Jacqueline Wilson book – Buried Alive by Jacqueline Wilson: The One Without A Category (#12)

At the end of January I set my target for books read in February at three. Managing to read six feels like a huge achievement, especially considering the amount of work I had going on this month. What is even more remarkable was that I read 170 pages more than I did in January!

As stated above, March will feature much less reading for me. My goal is to finish reading the four books I currently have on the go: “A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin, “My True Love Gave To Me” edited by Stephanie Perkins, “Insurgent” by Veronica Roth and “Eclipse” by Stephenie Meyer. If I can accomplish those four, I will be very happy this time next month!

Twelve down, thirty-eight to go. (Thirteen read)

My journey will also be instagrammed frequently on @charlottebibliophile

2 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up: February 2015

    1. If you look on the tabs under the header, you’ll see one for 2015 Book Challenge which features 52 books in 50 categories to read over the course of the year 🙂

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