#3 The Leprechaun’s Secret (#11)

Having just finished reading a fantasy last week (‘New Moon’ by Stephenie Meyer) I felt I needed an easier and more lighthearted read next. With the movie adaption due out on DVD in a few weeks, I decided to read ‘Where Rainbows End’ by Cecelia Ahern, which checks off #3 A book that became a movie for the 2015 Reading Challenge.  I seem to remember beginning it when it was newly released (about 10 years ago), but I don’t think I finished it. Maybe I saw the disappointing ending coming…

My Goodreads Review
“‘Where Rainbows End’ (‘Love Rosie’ in the USA) is Cecelia Ahern’s second novel. Following the greatness of ‘P.S. I Love You’ was always going to be difficult to achieve, (I’ve often found “second book syndrome” to exist), but ‘Where Rainbows End’ initially felt as though it was going to break the curse. Unfortunately, it didn’t.
The entire novel is written using letters, emails and IM’s, written from the perspective of the four or five main characters. I grew tired of this storytelling method after a quarter of the book, as there is such little room for character development – it’s as though the whole 500+ page novel was told using direct speech. Having said that, once I was used to the writing style, I began to enjoy working out who was writing the letters, and what was going on in the lives of the characters. I did feel at times that the main character (Rosie) was a bit whiney, but then her life didn’t turn out as she expected it to.
The premise of the book primarily concentrates on Rosie and her lifelong best friend Alex, who moves to the USA unexpectedly just before their last year of school. Ultimately this is a will they/won’t they novel – with marriages, babies and divorces, will Rosie and Alex ever end up together? After what feels like an eternity (they are 50!) we finally get to find out.
I was slightly disappointed with the abruptness of the ending of this book. There was so much potential for an amazing reunion between the two characters, but it was low key and unemotional. Considering I’d invested a lot of time getting to know these characters (and their many flaws) this was somewhat annoying. Regardless, it was still a cute story, and Cecelia Ahern books are perfect chic-lit novels. I’ll always head back to her!”


Whilst ‘Where Rainbows End’ didn’t live up to my expectations, I will still definitely watch the film at some point this year (and then update my blog post accordingly). I did connect with the characters though, and I felt their pain and anguish at the situation. However, the tagline “Sometimes fate just can’t stop meddling” really couldn’t be further from the truth. Both Rosie and Alex were afraid to admit their feelings, and they let time slip away. It was really nothing to do with fate!

#3 A book that became a movie – Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern (5/10)

Eleven down, thirty-nine to go.

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