#27 Christmas Magic, Love and Hope (#9)

When I still couldn’t get to sleep at 2am last night, I picked up Giovanna Fletcher’s novella, ‘Christmas With Billy and Me’ and devoured its 54 pages in one sitting (and then proceeded to fall asleep). My insomnia allowed me to check off book number 9 in my 2015 Reading Challenge, #27 A book you can finish in a day.

My Goodreads Review
“Set post-‘Billy and Me’, ‘Christmas With Billy and Me’ follows Sophie and Billy’s first Christmas as a couple, in a sleepy English country village. The novella begins on December 1st, when the Christmas celebrations begin with a bang in Sophie’s tearoom, Molly’s-On-The-Hill.
The morning after, Sophie notices an email from a customer who wants to propose to his girlfriend in the shop on Christmas Eve, so Sophie and her family busily get to work making decorations and prettying up the tearoom, all the while debating who the mystery couple could be.
Come Christmas Eve, with the shop looking beautiful, the mystery couple are revealed. And if you’re wondering, she says yes! This book is filled with Christmas magic, love and hope. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief return to Sophie’s world (I actually enjoyed it more than the full length novel!)”


If you read my review of ‘Billy and Me’ last month, you will know that I was unimpressed with Gi’s first novel, but with two novels published before the release of this novella, I’m happy to say that her writing has indeed improved with experience. It’s either that, or the plot was better (I’d say both are true). There was an element of mystery within this novella (I was right about the proposal couple, although I did doubt myself initially) which just added to the cute factor of this book.

#27 A book you can finish in a day – Christmas With Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher (7/10)

Nine down, forty-one to go.

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