Meeting Collabro

Alongside books, one of my other passions is going to concerts, so as well as blogging about the books I read, I will also be blogging about every concert/entertainment event I attend during 2015 – and hopefully that number will be a lot!

Yesterday (06/02/15) I attended my first gig of 2015 – Collabro at Plymouth Pavillions. I bought my front row, VIP meet and greet ticket back in June 2014, and the date rolled around before I could believe it. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go alone, so I bought my Mum a ticket earlier this week (in about row 20) and we went down together.

The meet and greet was due to start at 6.00pm, but they were running late (and then I got directed to the wrong place) but by 6.30pm I had my VIP lanyard on, and was by the stage with around 30 others (only two of whom were younger than me, most were 40-65 years old) and Collabro walked out to meet and greet everyone.

It was incredibly relaxed. The boys had photos taken with everyone, and had a quick chat with individuals or groups. When my turn rolled around, I handed my phone and camera to their management, and shook each of their hands as they very formally introduced themselves. Whilst having my photo taken they asked me some questions such as “are you going to be singing along?” and “is that a Harry Potter phone case?” (referring to the Hufflepuff crest on my phone), which then led to a discussion about my favourite topic, Harry Potter. They were all so lovely, it was great to meet them (especially Michael and Matt, who are my favourites!)


On my way back to my seat I was handed an A4 signed photo which was nice, as there wasn’t time for an actual signing. Once everyone had their photos taken, the boys left to prepare for the show, and I headed back into the throng of people waiting for the doors to open, to find my Mum, where I bought a programme, wristband and a small signed photo.


Once the majority of people were seated, Mum and I headed into the arena to find our seats. That shouldn’t have been a problem, except someone was sitting in my seat. It transpired that there had been a double booking. For the first half of the performance I sat in row 2 (more centrally than my real seat) whilst the staff sorted it out (excellently I might add). At the interval, as my ticket was the real VIP seat (and the other girls was a standard ticket) they asked her to move, but as my Mum had managed to move to sit next to me, I was just about to tell her to stay, but she stormed out before I could catch her and she didn’t watch the second half, which was a shame!

Collabro performed a variety of songs from their album, as well as a few other well known tracks, including a beautiful rendition of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. My favourite of the night was probably “Say Something” which was absolutely outstanding, followed by the three ‘Les Mis’ songs (“Stars” in particular).


Lucy Kay, also from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ was their special guest. I’m not really a big fan of opera, but her voice is amazing, and she received a standing ovation for Nessun Dorma.


I would certainly see Collabro again in the future – everyone left with huge smiles on their faces (and a tear or two in their eye). My Mum and I were blown away – we knew they could sing, but it was so much better than we thought it would be! What a way to kick off 2015’s entertainment!


#1 Collabro (06/02/15) *****

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