#26 The Darker Side of DisneyWorld (#7)

This week, I’ve been dipping in and out of books, as I so often do. I listened to 2.5 hours of ‘A Clash of Kings’ audiobook over the weekend, and I read a third of ‘Paper Towns’, but alongside those, I felt I needed some lighthearted humour. One evening this led me to turn on my Kindle app on my phone, and begin re-reading ‘Life… On A High’ by Nick Spalding, which I finished at just gone midnight. This little comedic autobiographical account of some of the worst experiences of Nick’s life thankfully fitted in with my 2015 Reading Challenge, as #26 A memoir.

In the last few months I’ve definitely been enjoying memoirs/autobiographies more, having read Melissa Joan Hart’s (Sabrina The Teenage Witch) and Vicky Pattinson’s (from Geordie Shore) in the latter part of 2014. The issue I tend to have going into them is the (often) ghost-written aspect, but I had no such fear when delving into ‘Life… On A High’. No one else could write about someone else’s terrible online dating experiences…

My Goodreads Review
“Life… On A High is the second comedy memoir by Nick Spalding, a typically normal 38 year-old divorced father, who by his own admission is carrying a bit too much weight (clearly not excessively though, as he does lay in to fat people in one section of the book). The book was written over 48 hours, on a flight from the UK to Australia, and then back again. This in itself ought to be commended, even if it isn’t literature of the highest order – and it’s not meant to be!
The book features a number of anecdotes, which will have you smiling at all the right places (it’s not laugh out loud funny, at least I didn’t think so). Some highlights include: a disastrous fishing trip with the in-laws, believing he was a banana whilst on an acid trip, getting caught by his police colleagues messing around with sex-toys whilst on a raid, and getting molested by a chipmunk at DisneyWorld – all true he assures us!
With the good, there is the not so good. The book also features a fair amount of ranting, mainly at politicians, something that neither interests me, nor makes for a good read. Maybe that’s simply because I do not believe myself to be in the main target audience for this book (I put it at around 30-45 year-olds).
If you’re after an easy, lighthearted, comic read, then this probably fits the bill. It was highly entertaining in the most part, and I flew through it (if you’ll pardon the pun).”


I’m certainly glad I re-read this book. It gave my brain a rest from the plotting and scheming of ‘Game of Thrones’. I think I might well re-read Nick’s first memoir, ‘Life… With No Breaks’ the next time Davos, Tyrion and Jon begin to get on my nerves. Or I might wait until he’s strapped for cash enough to need (or just feels compelled) to write a third. Is it bad that I want that to be sooner rather than later?!

#26 A memoir – Life… On A High by Nick Spalding (6/10)

Seven down, forty-three to go.

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