#40 Just A Fancy Comic (#1)

Welcome to my first of (hopefully) 50 blog posts about my 2015 Reading Challenge. With each books read, I will write a small review on Goodreads (since that is where I officially track my progress) and subsequently post it on my blog, possibly with a couple of amendments and customary photo(s).

Yesterday I began reading the first book that I have now checked off – A Graphic Novel. When I decided to partake in this challenge (over Christmas) I purchased five graphic novels – 2x Percy Jackson and 3x Alex Rider – all of which are classed as “middle grade” novels (that I have helpfully read), so I figured they would convert relatively well to the graphic novel format. The one I chose to read was “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel” by Rick Riordan.

My Goodreads Review
“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was my first ever graphic novel. I’ve previously read the novel by Rick Riordan, and as a graphic novel was one of the categories on my 2015 reading challenge, I thought I’d start 2015 off a little differently.
Obviously I was aware of the plot, and the graphic novel adaption misses out a few significant sections of the book itself (needs must I suppose to keep it short and sweet). This didn’t detract from the story however.
Since I have no prior knowledge of graphic novels, I have nothing to compare it to. However I see these as a great way to get kids into reading “novels” before they pick up the real thing. I do not see the attraction for adults (especially females).”


The whole experienced transpired that a graphic novel is just a fancy phrase for comic, at least to me (sorry any graphic novel advocates out there). It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s more that it felt like something I would have done when I was about 7 as opposed to 21. Maybe it was just my “middle grade” selection?

#40 A Graphic Novel – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan and Robert Venditti (5/10)

In any case, that’s one down, forty-nine to go.

My journey will also be instagrammed frequently on @charlottebibliophile

2 thoughts on “#40 Just A Fancy Comic (#1)

  1. I’ve seen graphic novels adaptations around of books like Artemis Fowl and stuff, but I’ve found it a little odd seeing the face of the characters, especially if they’re different to how I imagine them. I’m not actually sure of the difference between a graphic novel and a comic, either 😛

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